About Me

I am a French self-taught painter. I am also a composer, musician, multi-media artist and Vj. You may not know my name but there is a good chance that you have already heard my music because I am a composer of film scores and music for images.

I lived 4 years in Istanbul, Turkey and I have the chance to travel and live through music. Alongside my job as a composer-musician, I have been painting for over twenty years. For me, music and visual arts are constantly connected; each discipline enriches the other. The sounds and images respond to each other as in a game of mirrors. I paint a lot at night. I like the silence, the fact of not being disturbed, of being able to concentrate, of not having any specific schedule. I grind, I mix, I erase, I start again until dawn. Painting allows me to forget all my worries. When I create a painting, I am in the present moment, nothing matters anymore and I take intense pleasure in floating in a journey of colors,
shapes, harmonies.

It is this pleasure and these trips that I want to share with you. I have had dozens of exhibitions and I was quite surprised to sell a lot of paintings there. It’s really nice to see that people are touched and like my painting. One of my exhibitions was called “Game Expo”: My idea was to take people to abstract art in a fun way by presenting the
paintings in the form of games and by making the public interact: finding the differences between 2 paintings, finding certain plots or small objects hidden in certain paintings, memory games, puzzles, creating a collective canvas, etc.

Since my childhood I have been drawing and painting. It was in my early childhood that my vocation was born when our teacher showed us slides of impressionist painters. The paintings of Auguste Renoir fascinated me; he had managed to capture the sensation of sunlight through small spots and I found it incredible that we could translate this sensation through painting; we had sunshine even though there was torrential rain outside! Subsequently, my visits to museums also taught me a lot: I really like Turner, Zao-Wou-Ki, Kandinsky, Klimt, Gerhald Richter, Daniel Richter and so many others... I also discover every
day new painters on Instagram and I find that today's creation is abundant.
I like abstraction because I feel totally free. For me it’s a bit like improvisation in jazz. A direct expression, a letting go to be totally in the present moment.
I am also passionate about science fiction, I really like the authors "Liu Cixin", "Arthur.C.Clarke", "Phillip K.Dick", "Franck Herbert" who inspired me the series of black paintings which appear on this site. For me, art is more important than anything. I believe that art and science will always evolve and will always move us forward. These are the only disciplines that persist over time.

Picasso said a sentence that sums it all up: “Art cleanses our soul of the dust of everyday life! » Please let me know if you fall in love with any of my work. If you have specific wishes, please contact me at support@patrickchartolart.com.

If you are also curious to hear my music, here is an overview at this link: